Indoor Air Quality Testing Services in Colorado Springs

Issues with indoor air quality greatly impact the health, comfort, usability, and condition of your home.  You may be spending more money on temperature control, facing property damage, and experiencing health problems because of insufficient or excessive humidity, airborne contaminants, or fumes. Contact the specialists from Wright Total Indoor Comfort for accurate diagnosis of your indoor air quality.  Our technicians draw from extensive experience, training, and state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint concerns and develop an effective strategy.

Dependable Indoor Air Quality for Your Home

Established in 1937, Wright Total Indoor Comfort is familiar with the weather challenges in Colorado Springs corridor, and we’ve tailored our services to better combat the effects.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we are uniquely qualified to recommend and install a wide range of innovative air quality accessories.  By targeting your specific situation, we never sell you something you don’t need.  Our priority is to deliver immediate and sustainable improvement to your indoor air quality.

Enjoy cleaner air with expert analysis and air quality product installations!

Increase the comfort inside your home

Industry-leading air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, germicidal UV lights, ventilators, air filters and more, are designed to handle the entire home, while operating quietly and requiring very little maintenance.  Choosing the right air quality accessory enhances the cleanliness, comfort, and health of your home. Your HVAC equipment will operate more efficiently, succumb to fewer service needs, and deliver superior air conditioning. When you trust Wright Total Indoor Comfort, we guarantee the results of our work and ensure your total satisfaction.