Ductless HVAC Systems for the Home

A ductless mini split system provides targeted and efficient heating and cooling without major disruption to your home.  Lightweight, compact, and stylish, ductless units incorporate into just about any space, never draw attention to themselves, and maintain ideal comfort all year round.  Whether you’re renovating, expanding your living space, or answering the challenge of a room that’s difficult to keep comfortable, Wright Total Indoor Comfort achieves your goals for temperature control.

Top Quality Ductless Heating & Cooling Installations

For a single or multiple room application, a ductless system offers wonderful versatility in location, operates quietly, and keeps monthly costs low.  There’s no need to condition unoccupied rooms, and each room can be customized to individual preferences. Take advantage of dedicated dehumidification modes, sleep modes, WiFi accessibility, advanced filtration, and more.  Choose between an air conditioner or a heat pump.  Enjoy installation without a lengthy, messy process.  The benefits are numerous and keep adding up.

With ductless mini split repairs, service & installations, you’ll enjoy cool comfort in no time!

Contact Wright Total Indoor Comfort for further information, knowledgeable recommendations, and skilled services in the entire Colorado Springs corridor.  Most installations are completed in a single day, and we guarantee our work, no questions asked, earning your complete satisfaction or your money back.  Wright Total Indoor Comfort protects the investment of homeowners throughout Colorado Springs, CO.